What did you learn from ethical lens

We rarely have an understanding of our approach to ethical decision making nor the variety of ethical lenses used by others. It identifies how they prioritize values when making ethical decisions. By understanding what values are most important to them and what values are most important to the other parties involved in an ethical situation, they can minimize unnecessary conflict, make better ethical decisions, and live their values with confidence and integrity. Your students will be asked to choose the statement or word that represents what values are most important to them or how they would act in a specific situation.

What did you learn from ethical lens

July 28, Understanding ethics can be difficult at first, especially if your culture or figures of authority do things that are counter to what you feel is right.

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This blog tries to avoid giving specific examples of applied ethics in the attempt to avoid coloring the readers thinking. When applying ethics to legal justice, reciprocity is the major issue at hand.

Reciprocity is acting in a reciprocal away or acting in kind.

So if someone shares with you, you should share with them now or at some point in the future. All trade is a reciprocal act.

Ethical Truth = Good Questions + Introspection (Innate Knowledge)

Fair trade is trade that each party is pleased with the items traded. The punishment should fit the crime, so reciprocity has to be fair to be ethical. Note, punishment has to occur for justice to be served however.

A wrong that goes unpunished is unjust. The reason non-violent protest is so effective is because it involves an individual or group willfully not responding to unethical actions taken against them.

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So long as you have a public receptive to violations of ethics, which hopefully you do, then the public should demand justice for you.

There are also times that individuals or groups will not respond in kind to an unethical act, which can be an act of ethical wisdom.

Depending on the offense, you may choose not to respond in kind. Retaliations typically are not in kind but escalate as we always perceive offenses done onto us as greater than those we do onto others. The leviathan is an objective third party, typically the government that hears the case and decides who and how to punish the party who acted unethically.

By removing the two parties from the administering of justice, it avoids the cycles of violence historically observed, and currently observed in cultures with no rule of law — including illegal crime rings.

Remember, ethics is not black and white.

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Ethical acts are conditional; the specific circumstances matter, and the degrees of an unethical act matters. Ethical understanding is required to derive an ethical truth, and ethical wisdom is required to act an in the best possible way.Here's how to be an ethical leader.

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Disclaimer: I have to learn how to accept reality, and set expectations that will allow me to greatly act out my role and be more accountable for my actions towards people who rely on me, I have to stop putting myself out there as someone who can do everything and just.

Ethical Lens Report I was pleasantly surprised to find that after completing the ethical lens inventory it really did tell a lot about who I am and how I make decisions based off of my ethical viewpoints. There were many eerily similar things that I do in real life that matched what the print out said about my ethics.

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What did you learn from ethical lens

how it works. Identify Your Learning Goals. EthicsGame will help you bring ethics education to life. Your learners will engage with intriguing problems and emerge as critical thinkers by: The Ethical Lens Inventory focuses on ethical awareness and introduces ethical plurality.

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