Water billing system related literature

All provisions of this section allowing landlords to charge tenants for water usage shall also be deemed to apply to sewer service charges calculated by means of the same primary meter or sub-meter. A landlord may not charge the tenant of a dwelling unit separately for water usage measured by a submeter, nor allow such tenant to be so charged, unless the submeter measures only water that is supplied for the exclusive use of the particular dwelling unit and only to an area within the exclusive possession and control of the tenant of such dwelling unit and does not measure any water usage for any portion of the common areas or by any other party or dwelling unit; provided further, that a landlord shall not charge such tenant for water supplied through a submeter to the dwelling unit prior to the landlord installing fully functional water conservation devices for all faucets, showerheads and water closets in the dwelling unit; and provided further, that the landlord shall ensure that such water conservation devices are installed and functioning properly at the commencement of each subsequent tenancy in such dwelling unit. A landlord shall determine a calculated cost per unit of water consumption by dividing the total amount of any bill or invoice provided to the landlord from the water company for water usage, the customer service charge and taxes, but not including any interest for the late payment, penalty fees or other discretionary assessments or charges, for all water provided to the premises through the water company meter in that billing period, by the total amount of water consumption for the entire premises. The total amount charged separately to each submetered dwelling unit for water usage for any billing period shall not exceed such calculated cost per unit of water multiplied by the number of units of water delivered exclusively to the particular dwelling unit for the same billing period, provided that the landlord has verified that the total amounts of water usage measured by all submeters in the building, including all submeters for common areas, does not exceed the total amount of water usage in the building for the same billing period as shown on such bill or invoice.

Water billing system related literature

Every Sussex County sanitary sewer and water district is self-supporting. User Charges Annual Service Charge The service charges for each sanitary sewer or water district are established annually, based on the fiscal year budget as adopted by the Sussex County Council. Service charges recover the costs of operating and maintaining the collection system, transmission system, and treatment facilities.

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These include costs such as electric power, personnel, fuel, supplies, etc. Service charges may also include the debt service for the treatment facilities. They are billed quarterly. The amount of service charges billed to each user is based on the number of Equivalent Dwelling Units EDUs on the property.

Vacant lots do not pay a service charge. There are no exemptions for service charges. Annual Assessment Charge The assessment charge recovers the cost of constructing the sewer or water system based on the annual bond payments, as well as major maintenance and system upgrade expenses. It is broken-down into two parts: The collection or distribution portion recovers the cost of building the smaller pipelines.

The transmission portion recovers the cost of building the transmission system i. In the County's other districts, it is billed annually on the Sussex County tax bill.

Water billing system related literature

This fee can also be used to pay for major repairs not covered under normal Operations and Maintenance. It can be used for system upgrades. The amount of assessment charges billed to each user is based on the number of assessable Front Feet associated with the property, as determined by Section of the Sussex County Code.

Normally, this is based on the street frontage of the property, although adjustments are made for corner lots, lots on more than one street or lots with multiple EDUs. All lots must pay front foot assessment charges unless they qualify for a property tax exemption i.

One-Time System Connection Charge A one-time system connection charge is paid before hookup for existing homes or before building permits are issued for new homes. It pays for past expenditures for debt service, and is a contribution toward the future expansion or replacement of transmission and treatment facilities.

Permit Fee The permit fee is paid when application is made for a sewer connection permit. It covers the cost of inspecting the sewer connection and initiating the billing records.Related literature of billing system essay. 11/18/ Related literature of billing system essay 0 Comments American foreign policy essay methodology of a research paper pdf mentioning songs in essays are movie, persuasive essay room Bressay field water depth maps.

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Project provides a discussion of the impacts of efficiency standards and codes on water demand, as well as practical guidance on incorporating water efficiency improvements into long-term demand forecasts. Dec 29,  · The seven wonders of classical antiquity were architectural marvels, triumphs of human ego and raw power.

Water billing system related literature

The great achievements of today, however, are made possible by systems, infrastructure. Object Moved This document may be found here. Related Literature The proponents gathered some information that is related in the proposed study entitled, “Payroll System for United Auctioneers Incorporated” to have a guide and background in developing a system.

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