The lying game

Add your rating See all 17 kid reviews. Despite having an idyllic life with her wealthy adoptive family, Sutton's angry with her parents for what she sees as their deception over the details of her adoption, and she sets out to locate the girls' birth mother. At her sister's urging, Emma agrees to swap identities for a few days while Sutton tracks a lead, but when she doesn't turn up at their arranged meeting place, Emma's stuck keeping up the charade. She's unsure how long she can fool Sutton's parents and friends, and she fears that doing so will keep her from discovering the truth about her biological family.

The lying game

Cast and characters[ edit ] The main cast of The Lying Game.

The lying game

While the television series shares many of the same characters as the book series of the same namethere are important differences chief among them that Sutton is deceased in the books: Sutton was adopted by a wealthy family and Emma grew up in the foster care The lying game.

Allie Gonino as Laurel Mercer. Laurel is Sutton and Emma's paternal half-sister and the biological daughter of Kristin and Ted Mercer. She bonded with Emma and tends to go to her for advice. Blair Redford as Ethan Whitehorse. He is initially Sutton's secret boyfriend, hiding the relationship due to class, but soon falls for Emma after finally realizing that Sutton was ashamed of their relationship.

He later cheated on Emma with Sutton, realizing a part of him will always love her, causing Emma to break up with him.

Andy Buckley as Ted Mercer, a plastic surgeon. Ted is the biological father of Sutton, Emma, and Laurel. He had an affair with Rebecca seventeen years prior to the series, resulting in the conceiving of Sutton and Emma.

Helen Slater as Kristin Mercer. Kristin is the adoptive mother of Sutton and the biological mother of Laurel.

«The Grave Truth»

She is oblivious to Sutton's biological history. Her relationship with her husband became strained when she learned of his past relationship with Rebecca, demanding a divorce and ownership of everything they owned.

Mads is the daughter of Alec and the maternal younger half-sister of Thayer. She is initially one of Sutton's best friends, but ends their friendship after finding out that Sutton came onto her boyfriend.

The lying game

She then becomes best friends with Emma after learning the truth about the twins. She begins a complicated relationship with Jordan, her step-sibling, in season 2 after spending a one-night stand with him, not realizing he is her step-brother until later on.

Christian Alexander as Thayer Rybak, the former step-son of Alec and the maternal older half-brother of Mads. He has had feelings for Sutton since childhood, and gets involved with her in LA by sleeping with her.The Lying Game Episodes Show more Show less The Lying Game follows Emma, a kind-hearted foster kid who learns she has an identical twin sister, Sutton.

Sutton, unlike Emma, was adopted by wealthy parents and is seemingly living an ideal life. Watch The Lying Game 1 Online Full Free. the lying game 1 full movie with English subtitle.

Stars: Adrian Pasdar, Blair Redford, Helen Slater, Andy Buckley, Alice Greczyn, Allie Gonino, Alexandra Chando, Christian Alexander. "The Lying Game" is the eleventh episode of the first season of The Lone Gunmen.

Contents. Synopsis Edit. While investigating the death of Byers' college roommate, the Lone Gunmen find evidence implicating FBI Assistant Director Skinner. Summary Edit. The Lying Game is the second episode in season 1 of Instant Mom.

It aired on October 6, It aired on October 6, This was the 6th episode filmed in season 1. The four girls were best friends at Salten, a second-rate boarding school, and were notorious for playing the Lying Game, telling lies at every turn to both fellow boarders and faculty.

This summer, prior to my tv binge watching binge, I read The Lying Game by Ruth Ware.. I loved the setting, the characters and the fact that I really couldn’t figure it out.

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