Rfid middleware research paper

The figure is rising percent, the study finds, from the 2. These devices include RFID tags on products, Bluetooth beacons installed in stores, and digital signage or electronic shelf labels.

Rfid middleware research paper

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A new report from Forrester evaluates 13 software providers to determine whose solutions offer the best features for today, and tomorrow. As those companies rush to meet those deadlines, they are deploying software from a range of vendors.

But companies also need to ensure that the software they are deploying can eventually fit into a single enterprise-wide architecture. Leaver is a vice president and research director at Forrester, which is based in Cambridge, Mass.

Rfid middleware research paper

The report evaluates 13 present or future RFID middleware suppliers and finds that those that lead the way today are likely to face increasingly stiff competition from vendors such as SAP, IBM, Oracle and Microsoft that will provide that middleware architecture. The software vendors covered in the report fall into four broad areas: Others, such as RF Code and Savi, have more specialized capabilities related to transportation, security and asset management applications, according to the report.

But it is the platform giants that are set to become the major players in the RFID middleware space by providing the capability to deliver an enterprise-wide architecture as well as the integration and business process management that will become essential in RFID deployments, says Forrester.

The report maintains, however, that after they do, the market will still support a wide range of RFID middleware vendors. That means companies like OATSystems and Manhattan Associates that do not offer platforms that support centralized, enterprise-level integration and data management will partner with larger firms such as IBM, Oracle, webMethods and Tibco, so that their specialized products can be deployed within larger integration and data management solutions, says the report.Find information regarding PaperStream IP including driver downloads, PSIP TWAIN Fixes and PSIP ISIS fixes.

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Rfid middleware research paper

This paper presents the current trends in IoT research propelled by applications and the need for convergence in several interdisciplinary technologies. 71 Asghar Sabbaghi Ganesh Vaidyanathan Effectiveness and Efficiency of RFID technology in Supply Chain Management: Strategic values and Challenges.

Editorial LABBOOK 1 Dear reader, welcome to Labbook , the fourth edition of our product and feature guide for medical laboratories in Europe. The paper also presents current research that focuses on locating and tracking labeled object that move.

Since the uses for RFID tags are so widespread, there is a large interest in lowering the costs for. Yan Zhang is currently heading the Wireless Networks research group at Simula Research Laboratory, Norway.

He is also an adjunct associate professor in the Department of Informatics, at the University of Oslo, Norway. He received his PhD from the School of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.

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