Modulo aspettami poste italiane business plan

Aa2 with a stable outlook Fitch: It highlights our relationships with local communities, our efforts to ensure quality of life for the people who work for the Company and to contribute to the Country s development. Poste Italiane is committed to implementing a sustainable development model, able to combine business with ethics and transform profit into value.

Modulo aspettami poste italiane business plan

This exception does not apply to loro: They both have brown eyes or Their eyes are brown. This second structure would be unusual in Italian although grammatically correct.

It is usual to use avere and the definite article rather than essere with a possessive. Ho i capelli biondi, ho gli occhi verdi.

modulo aspettami poste italiane business plan

My hair is fair, my eyes are green. I miei capelli sono biondi, i miei occhi sono verdi. The pronouns ci and vi a It is common in spoken Italian to insert ci before parts of the verb avere. However, to use ci as the subject of essere is standard Italian.

Antonio Ricci says of his apartment: Ci vogliono tre ore per andare a Roma in treno. It takes three hours to go to Rome by train.

It takes an hour to go to Palermo by bus.

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Vi cannot be substituted for ci in this expression. Ci vado una volta al mese. How often do you go to Rome? I go there once a month. In rather literary Italian, vi is sometimes used rather than ci. If you plan to read Italian, you may meet it: The Uffizi Gallery is one of the most important museums in the world.

Many works of art are kept there.

modulo aspettami poste italiane business plan

Exercise 3 Chiara and Francesca are describing their respective cities. Insert into the blank spaces the expressions given in the box above the description. In each box the first sentence is completed as an example. Suffixes Suffixes are elements which can be added to a word to make a new word with a different meaning.

There are broadly two types of suffix: In this chapter, we are going to consider this second type. Because of the wide variety of these suffixes and the subtle differences of meaning involved, you are advised to learn them as you meet them.

It takes time to master them. You are advised to note what Italians say and imitate them. Gradually you will feel able to use them more freely and even use them as creatively as Italians do. Exercise 4 Add suffixes to the words listed to change the meaning, as in the example: Exercise 5 Say whether the following statements are true or false: Federica has a good opinion of herself and is particularly proud of being shapely.

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Poste Italiane is committed to implementing a sustainable development model, able to combine business with ethics and transform profit into value.

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