How to write a guest blog post

Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. However, guest blogging as a way to generate traffic, brand awareness, and yes -- even backlinks -- is still very much alive and well. Business owners and marketers can and do still use guest blogging as a way to reach a targeted audience; an audience they would otherwise not be able to access. After years of guest blogging on a wide variety of sites, I know firsthand the incredible benefits that come from using this strategy:

How to write a guest blog post

For instance, if I type in "social media," I get results that look like this: This search doesn't immediately give me what I was looking for. Instead, these appear to be bios for social media consultants and companies.

This is where Followerwonk's Social Authority filter comes in handy. Simply click on the Social Authority link at the top right of the results to show the most influential users first.

Using this filter, I get results that look like this: Now that's what I'm talking about!

How to Write a Guest Post Pitch & Get Accepted by Major Sites

Mine your blog comments for relevant niche sites While you may not get editors from the Wall Street Journal commenting on your blog, you very likely have comments from other bloggers in your niche. Look through your blog comments to see which bloggers regularly comment on your blog; chances are, they'll be interested in receiving a pitch for a relevant guest post.

Because these bloggers or editors already know who you are and they find your site interesting and relevant enough to have left a commenta brief introduction and a post idea may be all it takes to land a guest posting gig on their site.

This can be the most nerve-racking part of the process, but also the most important. Keep in mind that most publishers will receive dozens or even hundreds of guest blogging pitches every weekor more often so your guest blogging pitch has to stand out from the pack.

Here are two real-world examples to show you how not to pitch. While the second is slightly better than the first. Realistically, both examples will quickly find their way into the trash!

Click -- straight in the trash There are so many problems with this pitch, I don't even know where to start. It's impersonal, generic, boring, and does nothing to pique my interest. This type of query almost makes me angry that I wasted my time even clicking on such an insipid email.

It's obviously a cut and paste job, and has likely been sent to dozens or hundreds of other publishers. Straight to the trash.

How to Get 100+ Subscribers Per Guest Post

Slightly better but still straight in the trash While this pitch is incrementally better, it's still going to end up right in the trash. Questions that come to mind when reading this pitch would be: Do you even know my name?

Have you even visited my site? What's in it for me? What's in it for my visitors? If you want your email to actually get read, here are 4 tips for perfecting your pitch. The delete button calls my name, personally, right then.

At the very leastyour pitch should identify the name of the person you're addressing. This will usually ensure that your post doesn't immediately get deleted. If at all possible, send your pitch to the person directly responsible for guest posting.

For larger sites, tracking down an email can be more difficult. If you know the general format a site uses for their email addresses, you're ahead of the game. For instance, if you know a site uses the format firstname.When you get all the key aspects of guest blogging right, you can get even several hundred (or 1,+) subscribers with a single guest post that took you a couple of hours to write.

Download this short, free manual that explains the 7 Key Steps to Guest Blogging Success, so you can build your list faster. 4. A guest post should be aimed at 10 years of results, not 10 hours.

Sonia Simone once said that, The rewards of guest posting are cumulative.

How To Write a Guest Blog Post - A Cup of Lee

you build more momentum the more you post. I used to write a guest post and eagerly await the flow of traffic and increase in . How to Write a Guest Post from your Business What to Write Read through the existing guest blogs on the target website, particularly any that seem similar to your business or your wider field of expertise.

The following are absolute musts when pitching a guest blog post to another blog owner. Read the Guidelines The last thing you need to do before contacting the blog owner is read the guest posting guidelines, if applicable, and follow them closely.

Category #20 Writing Blogs That Accept Guest Posts This list of 20 top quality writing blogs will appeal to you if you write for, or run a writing blog.

This list contains details of the authority of each of the blogs. 10 Keys to Writing Great Guest Blogs. If you’ve determined the blog presents a good opportunity for you, it’s time to create your guest blog.

how to write a guest blog post

Let’s cover the basics of how to get it done. a link to another blog post or page on the website for which you’re creating the post. Guest Blog Writing .

Seven Steps to Writing a Successful Guest Post