Global organic food beverages market

Canada[ edit ] Under Canadian law, a nutraceutical can either be marketed as a food or as a drug; the terms "nutraceutical" and "functional food" have no legal distinction, [3] referring to "a product isolated or purified from foods that is generally sold in medicinal forms not usually associated with food [and] is demonstrated to have a physiological benefit or provide protection against chronic disease.

Global organic food beverages market

What is the Difference Between Allergy and Intolerance? When referring to food, an allergy can be defined as affecting the immune system and having an immediate reaction upon ingestion. The main step required to avoid this reaction is to eliminate the offending food s completely.

Global organic food beverages market

Common food allergens include: A food intolerance can be defined as affecting the digestive system and as Global organic food beverages market, it typically takes longer for a reaction to occur. Common offenders include lactose from milk-based products.

Global organic food beverages market

Who is the Gluten-Free Consumer? A few years ago, gluten-free products were virtually unheard of except in specialty health food stores. In some cases whole aisles are dedicated to gluten-free packaged foods, along with other specialty foods such as diabetic and lactose-intolerance foods. This is a large worldwide market for many companies wishing to launch intolerance and allergen-free products.

According to Datamonitor, those who are influenced by gluten-free claims are healthier eaters, more ethical, experimental and more influenced by natural and organic ingredients than the average global consumer.

Consumers in the and age ranges in North America are also more likely to be influenced by gluten-free marketing. Males are also more influenced by gluten-free marketing and claims than females, in North and South America. What is Celiac Disease? Celiac Disease CD is an inherited, autoimmune disorder in which proteins from the grains wheat, rye and barley collectively called gluten damage the small intestine.

The only treatment for CD is a strict, lifelong gluten-free diet. The Consumer with Celiac Disease A very diverse group of consumers purchase gluten-free products. The main group includes those with celiac disease CDfor whom a strict gluten-free diet GFD is the only treatment for managing the disease and reducing the risk of other complications.

However, what is important to note is that gluten-free products may be purchased by those with a wide variety of other conditions, including non-celiac gluten sensitivity, wheat allergy, autism, ADHD, multiple sclerosis and irritable bowel syndrome IBS.

The following is a brief review of the conditions for which gluten-free is applicable. Others with Gluten Sensitivity It is possible to be intolerant to gluten without having CD or a wheat allergy.

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Individuals may have similar gastrointestinal symptoms as those with CD, but no damage to the intestinal tract nor will they develop complications associated with CD. It is not known how many people have gluten sensitivity, but a growing number of individuals are being identified.

Individuals with ASD have problems with verbal and non-verbal communications, difficulties with social interaction and have a tendency toward repetitive behaviours or narrow, obsessive interests.

Despite limited scientific studies, there are anecdotal reports from many parents that a gluten-free, casein-free GFCF diet may help their child communicate more effectively and improve overall wellbeing. This is because the more popular packaged food markets for diabetics are sugar-free products.

The sugar-free beverage market in the U.


Foods that are naturally free from gluten are not included in the Euromonitor gluten-free sales data. Bakery products, which include cookies, crackers, cakes, cereal and other baked goods, are the single highest grossing packaged good category in the gluten-free market.

However, the other gluten-free category, which includes a multitude of categories including snacks had the largest retail value and volume sales in According to Mintel, there were around 3, new gluten-free snack product introductions in the U. It often used to take up to 8 years for a diagnosis of celiac disease.

Today with enhanced awareness and better diagnostic tools this number is dropping Small niche gluten-free marketers have grown into national forces requiring communication tools that go beyond word of mouth Internet has given a voice to a target group that relied on word of mouth and support groups limited to local communities Smaller local communities that once did not have access to products from larger cities now have access with the Internet and next-day delivery nationally The market for gluten-free products has grown to about 40 million consumers — up to four million of whom suffer from celiac disease, a medical condition that requires that they avoid eating gluten An additional 18 to 22 million eat gluten-free to manage gluten sensitivity.

Add to that about 12 million consumers who are classified as gluten-intolerant and experience GI distress, but have not given up gluten completely. An additional three million purchase gluten-free products for fad or non-medical reasons.NEW YORK, July 17, /PRNewswire/ -- The future of the global digital fitness market looks promising with opportunities in smart wearable fitness devices.

Global organic food and beverages market expected to reach USD billion by , growing at a CAGR of around % between and The global organic food and beverages market is segregated on the basis of product type. The product type segment is bifurcated into organic foods and organic beverages.

U.S. Baby Food Market - Statistics & Facts The global baby food market is a very competitive industry and retail sales in this segment are projected to grow from billion U.S. dollars in Phalada Agro is a company based in South India dedicated to producing high quality organic products for the International Market.

We pride ourselves in providing end-to-end solutions for organic agriculture and are involved in each stage of the supply chain, from production of compost to the export of processed herbs, spices, coconuts, oils and other food commodities. The global organic food and beverage market size was valued at USD 91 billion in Increasing consumer concern regarding harmful effects of conventional food products coupled with growing popularity of the product among consumers owing to health benefits associated with its consumption of organic food is expected to drive the demand over .

Technavio’s market research report on global organic food and beverages market gives an analysis of the trends expected to impact the market by

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