Comma splice run ons

More on compound sentences A comma splice occurs when a comma is used between two independent clauses. More on independent clauses This creates a problem since a comma alone cannot be used to separate two independent clauses. Unlike a comma splice, a run-on is two independent clauses merged together with no punctuation in between.

Comma splice run ons

Dangling modifiers and parallel structure Video transcript preciou- [Voiceover] Hello grammarians, hello Rosie! So a run-on sentence is what happens when two independent clauses are put together in one sentence without any punctuation or coordinating conjunctions like and, but, or. So Rosie what is a good example of a run-on sentence?

So we've got number one, we bought nails, number two, we bought a hammer. Now there are a couple of different ways we could make this a legal sentence, but right now as it stands this is a run-on, right?

One way would be just to add a semicolon in there. So you've got two independent clauses. Another way you could do that would be to just add a comma and then the conjunction and, so you're connecting those two clauses. So that's what a run-on sentence is, and now I wanna talk about comma splicing.

And the word splice, not a super-common term if you are neither a sailor or a film editor. But splicing is a word that originally meant to take two ropes, untangle them, and weave them back together.

It's a sailor's term related to rope lines. In our case for grammar, a splice, a comma splice is an inappropriate joining of two independent clauses by using a comma. Pony Up 2 the Streets, it's my favorite movie in the Li'l Tony franchise, a very fine series of non-existent films.

The problem with this sentence is that right now it's got this comma in the middle of it, and this comma inappropriately joins these two independent clauses.

Oh, and this whole time I forgot to say two independent clauses inappropriately joined by a comma. So okay, so we've got independent clause number one, remember this thing could stand on its own as a sentence, I love the name of this movie.

I love Li'l Tony 2: Pony Up 2 the Streets. That could be its own sentence on its own, end it with a period, period. It's my favorite movie in the Li'l Tony franchise, period. But we have these two independent clauses, right?

We cannot join them with just a comma. We could say I love Li'l Tony 2: Pony Up 2 the Streets, comma, and it's my favorite movie in the Li'l Tony franchise or as we did in the previous example, we could also throw in a semicolon, which is I think what I would rather do.

Pony Up 2 the Streets; semicolon, it's my favorite movie in the Li'l Tony franchise. And Rosie, you will notice that I have underlined these titles. So, we bought nails we bought a hammer.

Comma splice run ons

There's not really a place to know where the division between clauses is in that, and so the thing to do is either to add some kind of, is to add a comma and a conjunction, or to combine them using a semicolon. The same deal with a comma splice, it's just that a comma splice is a run-on that hasn't been fixed all the way.

You can learn anything, David out.The only difference between run-ons and comma splices is the comma. A run-on sentence is two or more sentences joined without proper punctuation(eg, I love reading books books are good we should buy more books). Comma Splices and Run-ons Comma splices and run-on sentences are caused by punctuation errors and are corrected in similar ways.

A comma splice occurs when two independent clauses (groups of words that can stand alone as sentences) are joined together by a comma. Exercise: Run-ons, Comma Splices, and Fused Sentences. Run-ons, comma splices, and fused sentences are all names given to compound sentences that are not punctuated correctly.

The best way to avoid such errors is to punctuate compound sentences correctly by using one or the other of these rules. Usage Comma Splices & Run-ons Comma splices and run-on sentences are two common punctuation errors.

These punctuation errors are different but are corrected in similar ways. COMMA SPLICES A comma splice occurs when two independent . Approach run-on sentences, comma splices, and sentence fragments with humor. The instructional activity is made up of two exercises, which are, in turn, each made up of a series of somewhat silly sentences that need punctuation help.

Comma Splices A comma splice results when a comma is incorrectly used to join two complete thoughts (meaning each thought has a subject and verb, and the thoughts could stand all on their own—otherwise known as “independent clauses”).

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