Canadian equalization payments essay

It seems to me the Quebec budget actually exposes a huge problem and many Quebec commentators have pointed it out. Quebec is being paid by the Federal Government for reduced resource royalties and related taxes. Worse if Quebec increased the price of Hydro, increased its mining royalties or developed its oil and gas discoveries, the Federal Government would penalize them.

Canadian equalization payments essay

Last Edited March 7, The economic history of what is now Canada begins with the hunting, farming and trading societies of the Indigenous peoples.

Following the arrival of Europeans in the 16th century, the economy has undergone a series of seismic shifts, marked by the early Atlantic fishery, the transcontinental fur trade, then rapid urbanization, industrialization and technological change. Factory life changed the economic structure of society.

Early in industrialization, usually only large factories were able to use the costly and heavy steam engine. The sawmill on Matapedia Lake ingeniously used an old steam locomotive as the motor by extending its smokestack.

Previous Next This entry is the first in a series exploring the economic history of Canada. Although the following entries describe Canadian economic history by region, the country is historically a single economic unit.

Improvements in transportation — the railways between and see Railway Historyand the highway and pipeline systems after — have helped. The provinces have become important markets and suppliers for one another, so that an investment boom in one region such as the Prairie West could create a nationwide boom, while a slump in Ontario manufacturing becomes a nationwide slump.

By the s, most Canadians had become city dwellers, and the majority of workers were in white-collar jobs, generally in the service-producing industries see Urbanization. Disparities in earnings, living standards and ways of life had been much reduced, especially after see Income Distribution.

Nevertheless, the various regional economies were still very different. Manufacturing remained largely a matter for Ontario and Quebecwhile the four western provinces still generated immense surpluses of natural products. In the Atlantic provincesliving standards after remained comparatively low and prospects less bright.

Canadian equalization payments essay

Study of Economic History Economic history includes the study of the evolution of the economy and economic institutions. Dating to the 19th century, the subject uses ideas from economicshistory, geography and political science.

It must not be confused with the history of economic ideas or with the interpretation of general history using economic forces.

Lawrence system — they traced interactions between geography, resourcesforeign markets and the inflow of people and funds from abroad. They treated regional growth in relation to the staple products.

More recent approaches have supplemented the old with modern economics and statistics. Work has been done in areas including working class historyurban growthbusiness historythe industrial development of central Canada, that fitted rather poorly into the Staple Thesis.

Meanwhile, historical geographers produce invaluable material on settlement patterns and on the growth of towns, while regional studies, which staple theorists treated as components of nation-building, have become routes to regional self-confidence, especially in Quebec and Atlantic Canada.

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Marxist scholars share business and labour history and other fields with scholars whose ideologies are very different. An Economic History ; R. Pomfret, The Economic Development of Canada Abstract. Fiscal equalization is a key political issue in many federal countries, including Canada.

Yet, relatively few scholars have paid systematic attention to the political dimensions of Canada’s federal equalization program. This Canadian energy source enriches all provinces through jobs and tax revenue so any domestic or international effort to hamper production ends up harming every citizen.

Equalization payments are one example of what are often collectively referred to in Canada as "transfer payments", a term used in other jurisdictions to refer to cash payments to individuals (see Canadian transfer payments).

The money the provinces receive through equalization can be spent in any way the provincial government desires. FOUR NEW STUDIES OF THE CANADIAN EQUALIZATION SYSTEM Joanis, delivered papers at the conference, each advocating a particular path forward for Canada’s equalization system.

This equalization payments and a ceiling on total equalization payments to all provinces. The cap is. Defining Canadian Federalism And Relative Decentralization Politics Essay. Print Reference this these relationships are represented by three aspects: taxation, block grants and equalization payments.

Canadian equalization payments essay

Simeon, Richard. Nugent, Amy. (). Parlimentary Canada in Intergovernmental Canada. Canadian Federalism: Performance, Effectiveness and. equalization payments inherent right ecozone One friend suggests a movie, another must finish an essay, and another wants to go to the mall.

You wanted to do something together, but your conflicting needs and wants are getting in the way. The Canadian government often faces similar challenges. The government must manage the country and hold.

Energy Prices, Equalization and Canadian Federalism