Bring me back to life

This powerful brother-sister team felt the call of God to begin a church in the Grand Rapids area in October of The last several years have been a powerful time of growth and transition for Kingdom Life Ministries. KLM is a multicultural, five-fold ministry that is on fire for the Kingdom of God.

Bring me back to life

Thanksgiving day and the day after 'Surgeon Scorecard' measures Docs by complications! Expert Surgical and Non-Surgical Spine Care and Treatment for Back and Neck Pain The Sierra Regional Spine Institute physicians have pioneered the multidisciplinary team approach to spinal treatments, putting together a caring and professional medical group that includes nationally recognized Spinal Surgeons, Spinal Rehabilitation Specialists, Physiatrists physicians who specialize in physical medicine and rehabilitationPhysical Therapists and Athletic Trainers.

Leaders in Spinal Care, Back Health and the Latest Spinal Surgery Technology

We have a unique reputation for being both conservative performing surgery as the last option, not the firstas well as being leaders in advanced surgical and non-surgical spine technology. Our medical Campus provides access to a state-of-the-art surgical center which provides the absolute best in spinal care, safety and patient comfort.

Minimally invasive procedures like micro-discectomies performed at Quail Surgery Center continue today to be excellent options for patients needing spine surgery.


Out-patient surgery centers like Quail have proven track records of helping surgeons maintain superior outcomes while keeping infection rates far below those of in-patient hospitals. More importantly we'll show them the "Do's and Don't's" of getting around post surgery. Read more about it in our "Physical Therapy" section.

Our physicians believe the future of spinal health is restoration of anatomy and function through motion — using artificial discs to replace spinal fusion.

Rappaport have been official U. Ski Team physicians since the Winter Olympics in Japan. Both physicians have worked extensively with sports and skiing-related spinal and back injuries.

Sierra Regional Spine Institute surgeons are exceptional in Northern Nevada for their university affiliations. Rappaport, a Stanford University alumnus, frequently lectures nationally and internationally.

Bring me back to life

This and other university affiliations put Sierra Regional Spine Institute surgeons at the forefront of medical advances and gives them the opportunity to present their own clinical research, Additionally, Sierra Regional Spine Institute surgeons and physiatrists are volunteer clinical professors for the University of Nevada, Reno School of Medicine Family Practice Program as well as the University's Sports Medicine Fellowship program.

Their skills and expertise also draw patients from Northern California, Utah, and beyond. Achieve Tahoe has continued its rehabilitation orientation and remains dedicated to the belief that sports are a vital part of the process in which individuals with disabilities gain self-confidence, mobility, and greater independence.

Their programs promote education, socialization and employment. They help turn tragedy into triumph by instilling in participants the knowledge that it's not their disabilities, but their abilities that count.

For more information, please check out their website at www.

Bring me back to life

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We do not condone sexual violence in any way. Lyrics to "Bring Me Back To Life" song by Aviators: I once told you all a little life lesson, I told you all to never back down So call me Tia, sometime. Bring Me to Life Lyrics: sang the part, got back on a plane and flew back to tour and played that night.

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