A letter of concern on the rise of alcohol consumption among youths in my community

Board of Health, June 25, c34hlth That the Department of Public Health increase emphasis on alcohol in its health promotion and public awareness campaigns to raise community awareness regarding alcohol and health. That the Department of Public Health increase emphasis on alcohol in its school and community educational programs and in individual counselling. That the Department of Public Health work with the Board of Health Subcommittee on Substance Abuse, health professionals, the Addiction Research Foundation and similar organizations to promote public awareness of the health, social and fiscal costs of alcohol abuse.

A letter of concern on the rise of alcohol consumption among youths in my community

Circumcision has become a top focus for Ira Forman, the State Department's special envoy to monitor and combat anti-Semitism. He has been using the pulpit his office provides to warn European governments that moves to ban ritual circumcision could lead to the demise of their countries' Jewish communities.

Forman is the State Department's third anti-Semitism monitor. While he has maintained his predecessors' focus on anti-Semitic acts and rhetoric worldwide, he said that protecting circumcision has become urgent because calls for bans are gaining legitimacy, particularly in Northern Europe.

In the past six months, Forman has raised the issue in meetings with ambassadors to Washington from Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden and Switzerland. He says he plans to raise it with envoys from other Northern European countries, where pressures to ban circumcision are most acute.

He also has asked the relevant desks at the State Department to have U. Forman, who is Jewish, contrasted efforts to prohibit circumcision with bans on ritual animal slaughter - in place in some countries for decades - which at least have workarounds, for instance by importing frozen kosher meat.

You do it underground illegally, you take a little 8-day-old baby across state lines - and if you have contiguous states [with bans], doing that becomes harder and harder - or three, you emigrate," he said.

European officials say their countries have instituted protections for circumcision in response to public pressures.

German and Danish officials have issued similar assurances.

A letter of concern on the rise of alcohol consumption among youths in my community

Jewish communal officials appreciate the assurances that circumcision will not be banned. Nonetheless, Jewish communal officials warn that the danger of circumcision bans in Europe has not substantially diminished. Calls to ban circumcision gained momentum after the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe passed a resolution last October that called for a public debate on the "rights of children to protection against violations of their physical integrity.

The assembly, however, lacks power. In April, the council's leadership advised members that male circumcision was "by no means comparable" to female genital mutilation and recommended against further attempts to target the practice.

Nonetheless, children's ombudsmen in a number of Northern European countries have called in recent years for restrictions on the practice, as have medical professionals' groups. Jewish leaders say that as Northern Europe becomes increasingly secularized, its populace tends to place more value on freedom from religious coercion than on freedom to practice religion.

They see ritual in general as something which belongs to some dark evil - they have medieval conceptions [of rituals] which have nothing to do with modern society.

Norway's parliament passed such a law last month. Norwegian Jewish leaders applauded the measure because it allowed the rite to be carried out under a physician's supervision. In Sweden, said Lena Posner-Korosi, president of the country's 20,strong Jewish community, circumcision is permitted until two months, which effectively shuts out the Muslim community, in which boys are often circumcised as toddlers.

A letter of concern on the rise of alcohol consumption among youths in my community

Anti-Muslim sentiment in Europe helps drive the anti-circumcision clamor, Jewish communal leaders say. If anything, sensitivities in Northern Europe about the 20th-century record on Jews are what has led governments to protect circumcision.Yahoo Lifestyle is your source for style, beauty, and wellness, including health, inspiring stories, and the latest fashion trends.

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and concept of alcohol abuse was given, globally consumption of alcohol among adults as well as among adolescents is increasing and it is a serious risk factor for chronic diseases and injuries worldwide.

The most fundamental law of economics links the price of a product to the demand for that product.

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Accordingly, increases in the monetary price of alcohol (i.e., through tax increases) would be expected to lower alcohol consumption and its adverse consequences. 3 Magnitude of alcohol-related youth violence At a global level, uniform data for cross-national comparisons of youth alcohol consumption are scarce.

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The quality of education is going down while the price keeps going up.

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